FaceLab Face Editor is the best gender swap face filter and an aging face app

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FaceLab Face Editor is the best gender swap face filter and an aging face app! Reface and have fun! This gender changer photo editor also enables you to look old and young. You can even cartoon yourself with our new amazing photo filters for turning yourself into a cartoon character. FaceLab is also one of the best photo apps that offer beauty filters which are makeovers, freckles, hair color change, and more.

All kinds of fun face swaps are offered by FaceLab like fat filters, aging, painting, zombie, toonme, renaissance. Prepare the coolest photos with these amazing face swap filters for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You’ll have awesome avatars for Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Tiktok. FaceLab offers amazing photo filters to oldify you. You can either choose a photo from your phone gallery or take a great selfie with the Facelab selfie camera.

Discover how you’ll get old in the future without aging in the real life. Magic aging booth effect offers perfect prediction. We can guess your future look using your current photo. You can see clear results how you look after 40 or 50 years with cool face swap features. FaceLab photo editor offers many funny reface cartoon filters. Toonify photos with a fabulous cartoon yourself toonme filter to make you look like breathtaking comics characters.

Don’t forget to use the toonme button to be like a charming movie star or renaissance painting. This face editor provides a superb gender swap so you can reface and look like the opposite sex just in seconds! FaceLab has a fabulous gender changer where you can gender swap and take a pretty pic of the opposite sex. You can change yourself to a different gender and prank your friends with this gorgeous face app.

Beauty and makeup time! Let FaceLab give you a perfect makeover. You can easily create a cool style with the freckle filter and glasses filter with this beauty app. With the makeup filter, you can apply makeup and freckle with a single touch, and get rid of acne and blemishes with this amazing face app, but don’t forget you are beautiful in every way!



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